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Update On Tobias

We Are Back!!! It’s been a while since I have given a detailed update about Tobias and how he’s doing in all aspects of his life. Tobias started preschool 6 months ago. He goes to a special education preschool and truly loves going! While there he gets services for speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy a couple times a month. Outside of school, he goes to occupational therapy and speech therapy once a week. He remains delayed in a lot of areas, but his progress continues to grow!! This past January 24th, we celebrated our 4th Moebius Syndrome Day with Tobias.  SPEECH : He is still working on full sentences and has to concentrate and take his time to say a few words in a row. Despite his facial paralysis, he really does enunciate a lot  of words really well! He currently says only 1 or two words at a time. Usually saying the noun or verb that he’s wanting. For example, he’ll say “snack” when hungry and “jumping” when he wants to tell us he’s jumping. I am going to

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